Ignatz | I Live In A Utopia | 2022 | 2xLP

First released in 2015 on cassette by Goaty Tapes (US), now available as expanded edition on double vinyl with gatefold sleeve.


  1. I live in a Utopia
  2. I have found true love
  3. Time does not bring relief


  1. Warm memories
  2. Bright future


  1. We used to smoke inside
  2. I live in a Utopia II


  1. The upside down world
  2. Waiting for the taxi

Released by Aguirre, available now.

Ignatz & De Stervende Honden | Saturday’s den | 2021 | LP & Digital album

  1. Heidenhain Shuffle
  2. Height of Noon
  3. Saturday’s Den
  4. You Can’t See Me
  5. An Absolute Pleasure
  6. Rubber Panda

released by Ultra Eczema, available on 1st of october 2021

All tracks recorded at les ateliers claus, summer 2020
mixed by Erik Heestermans, mastered by Christophe Albertijn
Artwork by Dennis Tyfus

Ignatz & De Stervende Honden | Dork Star | 2021 | Digital album

  1. Japan is Democratic [10:39]
  2. Saturday’s Den [7:08]
  3. Monday in D [11:05]

Listen on Bandcamp and buy on the website of Café Oto.

All tracks recorded at Les Ateliers Claus, summer 2020
mixed by Erik Heestermans, mastered by Tommy De Nys. Released by Café Oto.
With a big thank you to Mark Rietveld for the cover picture.


Ignatz on bandcamp.

You can’t see me | 2021 | “7 and digital album

1A. You Can’t See Me
1B. Unknown
2A. Square Stone
2B. Ghost Bird

Listen and by on bandcamp.

Released by Kraak. Recorded by Bram Devens in Landen. Mastered by Frederic Alstadt. Artwork by Bram Devens. Design by Dylan Belgrado.

Live Ateliers Claus | 2020 | Digital album

  1. The Best Little Bar in Brussels
  2. What a Cute Dog
  3. You can’t see me
  4. About the World
  5. I Gotta Pee
  6. Strange How All is Changed

Listen and buy on bandcamp

Released by Les Albums Claus

Ignatz & De Stervende Honden – Deadbeat Freedom| 2019 | LP

Side A

  1. Burning Snow
  2. The Wrong Tree

Side B

  1. Deadbeat Freedom
  2. Sweet Dream Ice Cream
  3. Qibo

released by Ultra Eczema

Artwork by Dennis Tyfus, layout by Jef Cuypers

REC/EDIT/TAPE Episode #1: IGNATZ Coffee, no cigarettes | 2017 | TAPE & VIDEO

1st episode in new series focusing on improvised filmwork and narrative. Each episode features an exclusive tape recorded by the artist which you can pre-order.

“I visited Bram Devens (Ignatz) at his home in Landen in July and his focus for that day was on the piano. He approaches this new instrument with the same eerie quality as his guitar. He also approached his coffee; his past habit of smoking cigarettes still in question.”

released by Taping Policies.

The Drain | 2016 | CD & LP

Side A

  1. Stealing The Steel
  2. The Watertower
  3. Carry The Weight
  4. My Children
  5. Gain
  6. People In This Town

Side B

  1. Moaning And Slobbering
  2. Meadows
  3. Eulogy Example
  4. Strange How All Is Changed
  5. Birdhouse

released by kraak and Feeding Tube Records.

I live in a utopia | 2015 | Tape

Side A

  1. I live in a utopia
  2. I have found true love
  3. time does not bring relief
  4. warm memories

Side B

  1. bright future
  2. we used to smoke inside
  3. I live in a utopia (2)

released by Goaty Tapes

Ignatz & De Stervende Honden – Teenage Boys | 2014 | LP

Side A

  1. I Gotta Pee
  2. Teenage Boys
  3. Drinking Tea And Bloody Marys

Side B

  1. Japan Is Romantic
  2. I Need A Good Night’s Sleep

released by Ultra Eczema

Artwork by Dennis Tyfus, layout by Jef Cuypers

Sophie Cooper – Ignatz | 2013 | split tape

released by Tor Press

Artwork by Jake Blanchard

Ignatz & Harris Newman Bring You Buzzard Meat | 2013 | LP | double “10

Reissue of the 2009 self-released cd-r collab with Canadian guitarist Harris Newman

Side a

  1. Political Song For Carla Bruni To Sing (With Synthesizer) 6’36″
  2. I Will Bring You Buzzard Meat 6’50″

Side B

  1. Rise While You Fall 9’22″

Side C

  1. Under The Reef Of Cloud 8’50″

Side D

  1. Stray Dog 7’21″

released by Okraina Records

Artwork by Gwénola Carrère

BROSIS 001 – Split tape on Subbacultcha! Belgium

Can I go home now? | 2013 | LP/CD

  1. I Need A Good Night’s Sleep
  2. Weep Weep Weep
  3. Awake
  4. Strange Way Ahead
  5. My Love Is Dazed
  6. Certainty
  7. Rolling Bones
  8. My Trip To Somewhere
  9. Abandon The Night
  10. She Gets All That She Wants
  11. A Hard Day
  12. 32 Years Ago

released by Fonal

PJs – Family Talks | 2012 | Tape

Recorded to 4-track in Schaerbeek, Brussels. A tape by Zully Adler and Ignatz

released by Goaty tapes

Because Time Is Too Short | 2012 | Tape

Side A:

  • Some People Keep Their Change
  • Stop Shining
  • (Oh) I Know You
  • Inside Sight
  • The Evening Light

Side B:

  • I Miss My Dog
  • The Pale Moon
  • Happy End
  • Everyday Vodka
  • Because Time Is Too Short

Cassette C40 – Edition of 100 copies – artwork by Bram Devens (Ignatz) – released by Taping Policies


  • Ignatz – Stin Ypoga

free for download by soundeyet

compilation: God damn I hate the blues | 2012 | 7″

  • Ignatz – She gets all she wants

released by kraak

Innercity – Terrestreality

vocals by Ignatz on the song Opiate Vague
released by Aguirre records

I Hate This City | 2011 | LP

  1. A1. When The Fall Is All That Is Left
  2. A2. The Vaulted Chamber
  3. A3. At Night She Saw Her Son
  4. A4. The Quiet Woman
  5. A5. Red River
  6. B1. Dance For Two Hundred (Or A Drink)
  7. B2. “I Hate This City” Boogie
  8. B3. Back In The Seat
  9. B4. Streets & Cars
  10. B5. Ashes

released by Conspiracy records

Selected songs from cassettes 2005-2009 | 2010 | LP

  1. A1. The last night
  2. A2. That was my belief
  3. A3. Troubled needs
  4. A4. Rise while you fall
  5. B1. The blue & windless dusk
  6. B2. And something modern
  7. B3. Atlantic woman
  8. B4. Slumber with great peace

Cover drawing made by Olivier Schrauwen

released by kraak

Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds | 2010 | CD


released by Apprise Records and compiled by David Sait

More info here.

Mort aux vaches | 2010 | CD

  1. The Opposite
  2. Echo All Acoustically Correct
  3. The Dreams
  4. My Little Sanctum
  5. The Room

released by Staalplaat – Mort aux vaches

Some Of Them Are Very Funny Songs | 2009 | Tape

  1. The Blue And Windless Dusk
  2. Outside
  3. Appear And Vanish And Appear And Vanish
  4. Tell Me
  5. That Was My Belief
  6. Where Do Bats Go In Wintertime?

released by Beniffer editions

Ignatz & Harris Newman Bring You Buzzard Meat | 2009 | CD-r


A Canine And A Kitten In The Car | 2009 | Tape

  1. She Entered
  2. The Woman Helped Him
  3. Rise While You Fall
  4. Outside In the World
  5. Calling
  6. The Blood Had Dried
  7. The Remaining Light
  8. What To Do
  9. Dieselsmoke
  10. A Canine and a Kitten in the Car

released by Goaty Tapes

III | 2008 | CD/LP

  1. The Water
  2. Two Nights & a Day
  3. Gazing At The Fire
  4. Eager, Eyed
  5. The Trail
  6. Gone
  7. They Came And Went
  8. Dead By Noon

released by kraak

split with Shepherds | 2008 | 7″

released by not not fun

the draft | 2008 | Tape

  1. Story Of The Door
  2. All My Drugs Were In The Cabinet
  3. The Last Night
  4. Psychedelic Shoes
  5. The Corner
  6. Infinite Risk Of Death

released by Scumbagtapes

hello there little ghost b/w slumber with great peace | 2007 | Tape

  1. hello there little ghost
  2. slumber with great peace

released by bread and animals

Miles Devens: Atlantic Woman | 2007 | Tape

released by New Age Cassettes

compiled and edited by Spencer Clarke

II | 2007 | CD/LP

  1. He Deals With Love & Her Eyes Glaze
  2. I Was Not There
  3. The Dreams
  4. Silver Moon… Shine Sun! Sun! Sun!
  5. Hurling Incense
  6. She Will Freeze
  7. All Your Love

released by kraak

They are quiet as mice | 2006 | Tape

  1. The Villain
  2. Soap Weed and Rock Hot
  3. The Enchanted One
  4. Degradation of the Best
  5. Everybody is Out
  6. look at Your Hand
  7. Evidence of the End

released by Beniffer editions

I will soothe my eye to feast it with a sight of beauty | 2006 | CD-r

  1. Be Careful
  2. Even In the Old Days
  3. Never Dodge Anything
  4. The Thousand Fingered Grip
  5. All Is Well There
  6. If It’s Rubber, It Will Stretch
  7. Glistering Snow
  8. Narrow Escape

released by Celebrate Psi Phenomenon – SOLD OUT

Addiction for slumber | 2005 | Tape

  1. Wittness My Wizardly
  2. Carelessness
  3. I Have To Lose My Only Child
  4. She Can Walk Four Miles An Hour
  5. And Something Modern
  6. Drawn

released on Imvated – SOLD OUT

ST | 2005 | CD

  1. Rebound From the Cliff
  2. Echo All Acoustically Correct
  3. Look At Her With the Euh
  4. The Radiant Sheen
  5. The Gloom of the Darkest Day
  6. All My Hopes Have Collapsed
  7. No Greater Gravity
  8. The Sinister Snow Squaws

released by kraak